Thursday, June 16, 2011

And The Saga Continues...

The Next Chapter
My Quest to Find A Workout Activity That I Enjoy

Chapter 1- Running (can't control my breathing---or keep my balance, for that matter)
Chapter 2- Rollerblading ( this looks so much easier than it actually is)
Chapter 3- Jumping on the trampoline (too bouncy)
Chapter 4 - 5K a month (the t-shirts weren't worth it and 5K is a long way)
Chapter 5- The stairs (Jeff says I ruin the carpet)
Chapter 6- "Stations" (jump roping is a lot more difficult than it used to be)
Chapter 7- Boot Camp (I don't like people yelling at me)
Chapter 8- Evening bike rides with Blakester

The Pros: He loves it. He fell asleep half way through, but still got lots of attention by onlookers.
The Cons: Sore butt. It's hot outside. Sore butt.


Mica said...

good job for getting out there and working out!

Oh my word - can Blake look any older in that second picture? Breaks my heart!

Mimi said...

Mom advice - please put a helmet on him. Once when I was riding with you behind me (I know hard to believe, but I really did take you on bike rides) I got off the bike and the bike fell and you were strapped in (again I know not smart). Fortunately, you only scraped your forehead but it could have been bad, so please take precautions!!! I love you!!


Betty said...

You should find a zumba class around you. It is so much fun. Blake is adorable. He looks so big in these pics.

Aunt Amy said...

Blake looks too cute ... can't wait to see him ride the bike :)

Anonymous said...

1. Isn't biking so much harder than you remember it as a kid.
2. I give you credit. I tried one of those bike seats when Jack was a baby and I felt like I was going to tip over.
3. Your mom's story cracks me up..... so many comments I could make on that alone.

Good luck! You're doing a lot more than me!