Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Graduate

Today is a big day for Davis. He is graduating from Pre-K class where he is currently "number 2 on the list."

I imagine there's not really a list that ranks the students and their abilities and I haven't had the guts to ask the teacher for fear of being that mom. But don't try telling Davis there isn't a list because he is adamant there is and can tell you each student's placement. If someone doesn't finish all of their worksheets in a day (Brian!), they usually drop a place or two.

I should stop here and say Congratuations Paige for securing the #1 spot.

Here is a video of Davis sharing his (many!) thoughts on his graduation today. If you don't have five minutes to spare (and trust me when I say it could have been an hour if I would have let him sit there and talk that long), here are the highlights:

* Keon can't be there because he is on "bay-cation"
* 23 kids are graduating
* Boys have to wear handsome clothes, ties are optional, belts too
* Girls can't wear flip flops- and can have a maximum on one bow
* Walking on Sunshine will be sung
* Moms can take pictures

To my Salutatorian Davis,
Happy Graduation!
I am so proud of your accomplishments this year, even if it is an imaginary list. You are so ready for kindergarten. I have no doubt you'll succeed. I also have no doubt that I will look back at this video in thirteen years (when you are really graduating), I will cry Big Fat Tears!
I love you!
Love, Mom


Anonymous said...

He is so cute. I can't wait to see his graduation!!! I can't believe he is getting so big!!

Love him and you!!!

Betty said...

He is so handsome. Congratulations on graduation Davis! Crazy Mom wanting to put a bow in your hair!

kel said...

awww, my sweet sweet stink'n cute i could eat him up! tell him aunt kelbel loves him much!

Grandma Lyle said...

Davis, Happy Graduation! You are so handsome. I loved your story about the day.

Love, Grandma Lyle