Saturday, January 1, 2011

One Hundred Forty Three: Happy New Year!

First off...Happy New Year. Thanks for revisiting my blog even through my blogging laziness. I am fighting every OCD tendancy in my body by forcing myself not to go back and update the last nineteen days. It's a bit deceiving to do that and according to Mica, it messes up her blogroll.

Let's just pretend I said I would blog three hundred and sixy five times over roughly the next year and then I will be able to move on without feeling guilty. 

My lack of blogging is definitely not due to lack of happenings in the Lyle family. I had a good excuse for at least a few of the days I missed after RSV visited our house and landed us in the hospital for three days right before Christmas. Then I used every ounce of motivation I had left in my body to take down the Christmas tree and visit Walmart to buy all kinds of diet food. Which I plan to start eating ON MONDAY.

Speaking of Monday, it is going to be a major buzzkill marked by the end of my maternity leave. Unfortuately, that means work, emails, high heeled shoes, returned phone calls, spanx, and surviving solely on fruit and fish.

Hayden and Davis, Christmas 2010
Do you have any idea how hard it is to get them
to STOP moving for two seconds?
This is what we have been up to lately (all which will be blogged in due time).
<    >
gift  giving
germ giving
gift receiving
germ receiving
kung fu fighting
tooth  fairy visits
watching  movies
christmas partying
buying  new  bibles
playing  family  fued
taking   bubble  baths
counting poopy diapers
celebrating  Jesus'  bday
working  over  a  holiday
planning   2011  vacations
going  to children's  hospital 
waking  up every three hours
transitioning  to formula - ouch
playing   competitive    scrabble
dreading   going   back   to  work
dancing    like    michael    jackson
looking   forward   to  work - a break
learning  about salvation - getting  saved
being a 


Mica said...

That sweet tree update is worth at least a few posts. And yes, thank you for not messing up my blogroll!!

Kim said...

that tree is so cute! i love it! and glad blake is all better!!!

Betty said...

Awesome tree! So clever. Glad you are back to blogging.