Thursday, January 13, 2011

One Hundred Fifty Five: Sunset Eyes

Those eyes.
 Those eyes almost earned us an extra night stay in the hospital. On Christmas Eve.

Blake, 2010
The last day we were in the hospital, the doctor walked in and started to talk about the improvements he was seeing in Blake's breathing and overall stats. He talked about how he was going to discharge us, right in time to celebrate Christmas at home. Then he told us about how Blake might get a little worse before he gets better.

"Expect another 7-10 days of suctioning and coughing" he said as Jeff bounced a wide awake Blake on his knee, nodding at the doctor.

Then in the middle of the discharge instructions, the doctor stopped mid sentence and started to stare at Blake as they locked eyes for a good ten seconds. Finally, Blake focused his eyes on something else in the room.

The doctor looked relieved when Blake glanced away. He began to explain to us something called Sunset eyes, a serious condition that could indicate brain swelling in infants.

We informed him that his oldest brother also had that "condition" and they were in fact called "Hayden eyes".

Hayden, 2003
Thankfully, we were discharged about 2 minutes later, and we were in the parking lot loading the car about 2 minutes after that. In fact, our nurse told us she had never seen anyone pack up a room so fast after she came in our room and realized that we had already loaded our bags and unhooked the forty wires from Blake's body.

Can you blame us?

It was Christmas Eve.

Santa Clause was coming to town and there were Nintendo DSI's to charge. STOCKINGS TO FILL!

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cutty_ said...

My son does these eyes. Ive been really concerned. He only does it for moments at a time but the doctor scared me. I wonder if your sons are okay. My boy is growing healthy and is in line with his milestones.