Friday, December 3, 2010

One Hundred Thirty Three: Outtakes

Our Christmas cards went in the mail this week.

As I put the batch of cards in the mailbox, I couldn't help but think that the single picture I chose for the card really didn't do the whole experience justice. Only Kellie knows the behind the scenes stories of this photo.

She knows that I forgot socks for my baby that day, and that Davis was wearing Batman socks that didn't match my theme at all (thankful for b&w photos).

She knows that Jeff complained the whole 100 yards I made him carry our full sized wingback chair to the middle of an empty field. (The wingback chair pictures didn't make the final cut, but thanks Babe!).

She knows that she, as the photographer, was under strict orders to tell me if I picked an unflattering pose. A tough task since all poses are unflattering three weeks post baby.

She knows that we bribed the kids with dollar store toys and gave them way too many extra warnings when they began waving every stick in sight as a sword. Nothing says Merry Christmas like false threats and bribes.

She knows we mistakenly timed our shoot at exactly the same time a nearby school let out. We were in a random empty field and she knows how frustrated we got at the dozen or so students who never learned the courtesy to WALK BEHIND a photographer when they are taking pictures.

She knows that it was the first day for me to wear high heels after nine plus months of flats. And how I fell carrying Blake when my heel got stuck in the mud. Thankfully, he was safely buckled in his car seat and unharmed.

She knows how many extra photos we had to take to appease Davis, who thinks he is also a photographer with great ideas. The Thinking Photo. The I Love You Photo. The Thumbs Up Photo. The Crazy Face Photo.

Don't you think Christmas cards would be so much more interesting if they showed the "best" picture on the front, and one of the not-so-great pictures on the back.

I think everyone would feel a little better about their own family if they knew that their closest friends go through the same challenges when trying to capture that special moment.

Or maybe it's just me. 

Anyway, enjoy our outtakes. Hopefully I can make at least one family feel normal.

Hayden experiments with his smile.

 Davis experiments with his smile.
 ...still experimenting
...more experimenting
 Jeff and Blake look at me
and ask how much longer with their eyes.
 bug-eyed boys
 the hiding-behind-the-chair-might-be-more-flattering pose
 the thought-provoking pose
 the surprised-face pose
 the swords
 the thumbs-up pose
 the I-Love-You pose
they say it takes a hundred pictures
to get a good one


Betty said...

I love the outtakes. But I have to admit, Jeff is a doll for carrying that chair so far. You and Kellie should be ashamed.

the hoang family said...

too funny!

Mica said...

I have this same blog in line. Bet you a Tootsie Maki roll that Kel's trials with us make yours look picture perfect!

kel said... fun!! I love doing these mini photo shoots with you guys!! We got 2-3 good good thing I took about 300! :)

Kim said...

LOVE! wish we were near by so kellie could do a shoot for us!