Sunday, November 21, 2010

One Hundred Twenty One: Piggies

Last night as we were saying our good nights and prayers and hugs and kisses and anything else to prolong bedtime, one of the big boys began playing with Blake's toes and doing This Little Piggy...sort of.

It made me realize that somewhere along the way, we dropped the ball as parents. I can only speculate that we stopped playing with their toes right about the same time that their memory kicked in. Either that, or they are just really creative in coming up with new versions.

Davis' Version:
This Little Piggy went to the market.
This Little Piggy went shopping.
This Little Piggy ate candy all day long.
This Little Piggy LOVED going shopping.
This Little Piggy cried all day on the way to his home.

Hayden's Version
This Little Piggy went Trick or Treating.
This Little Piggy said 'Let's have fun.'
This Little Piggy went to a dance party.
This Little Piggy gave out party favors.
This Little Piggy said "Let's PAR-TAY!" all the way home.  

I choose to believe they are just taking their poetic license with the piggy story. Who can be certain the third piggy had roast beef anyway?


Aunt Amy said...

What cute Lil' Piggies :)

Betty said...

I think they are both just showing their creative side. They picked that up from their creative Mom! It is so special that you captured this moment.