Wednesday, November 3, 2010

One Hundred Three: It's That Time

I went in for my weekly doctor's appointment this morning (with Jeff in tow) and found my blood pressure was borderline high. I was expecting her to just monitor me for an hour or so and release me, but instead she said she wanted to induce me tomorrow morning at 10 am. 

Oh my!

Stay tuned.

p.s. For the record, I didn't do anything do anything to artificially inflate my blood pressure. Because trust me, if I knew how to do that, Blake would be a week old by now. :)


Anonymous said...

I love the eviction notice. I hope he evacuates the premises voluntarily and quickly!! Praying for an "easy delivery". Is that an oxymoron?

I love you and can't wait to meet Blake. See you in the morning.


Aunt Amy said...

Yippee ... I'm so excited to see Blake. I hope Mommy Lisa has a good night sleep and a great day tomorrow!!! My prayers are with the whole Lyle Family :)!!!

Betty said...

Good luck. I can't wait to come see Blake.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! Can't wait to see pictures!!!!