Monday, October 4, 2010

Seventy Three: Showered With Love

Last weekend, Kellie and Mica hosted a shower for me.
It was low-key, small, and fabulous!

The Pros: Awesome gifts including a photography sitting,
(Obviously these girls know the way to my heart.)

The Cons: Not being able to find an acceptable
 looking (read: flattering) dress for the big event,
and the heartburn that followed the festivities.

I will try to post another picture of me with the hostesses
as soon as my historian (Kellie!) downloads the pictures.
However, I can't guarantee the picture will be centered or have
 the right amount of background since my mom took the picture instead of Kel.


Mica said...

It actually was not a shower.

the hoang family said...

was is a "sprinkle"?!

Grandma Lyle said...

I hear the event was great. What wonderful friends you have. So sorry I missed it.