Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ninety Five: Moms

Sometimes kids need their moms to reassure them that 
everything is going to be okay after they've had a bad day.

Or to celebrate with them when something great happens.

But then, sometimes kids just need their moms to do the little things.

Like an invitation over for home made chile rellenos.

Or a nice warm greeting in the front yard, including a hug and two Tums for heartburn.

Or feeding your kids dinner and answering their every need while you lay on the couch.

That's exactly what I needed my mom for tonight.

Dear Mom,
Thanks for my dinner.
And for making my kids a separate dinner.
And for the girl talk.
And for being there for me while Jeff had to work late.
I love you! And I love your rice. And I love your gossip magazines.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, you are soooo sweet!!! It kind of bought a lttle tear to my eye. I love you more than words can ever express!!! You can come over and have a little break any time!!


Anonymous said...

awww, love it! makes me miss my momma!