Monday, October 18, 2010

Eighty Seven: Tandem

When we went to New York City a few months ago, I knew the trip would be much different than my typical girls trips since my travel companions were not as into bargain shopping (read: Chinatown) as Kellie and Mica.

Plus - it was Jeff's first visit to the Big Apple, so we knew we had to hit all of the touristy spots while managing to also fit in approximately five restaurants and 2 cupcake stops per day. In an effort to fill up EVERY LAST SECOND with activities, I came up with the brilliant idea to rent tandem bikes and ride them around Central Park.

Isn't that cute of me to think riding around Central Park would be like riding around our little neighborhood park behind our house. I mean, don't get me wrong, I knew it was a little bigger, but I wasn't aware that it was 6 miles (and felt like 60). Granted, six miles is not that far on a bike, but did you know that when you are riding a tandem bike with Lance Armstrong Jeff Lyle, YOU CAN NOT COAST AT ALL.

Even if you are pregnant.

Even if you should slow down to avoid the seven thousand people jogging on the trail.

Even if you are going downhill at 40mph because YOU HAVE TO GET UP YOUR SPEED FOR THE NEXT HILL.

Just so you know, riding a tandem bike is not near as romantic as it looks on TV. Especially when you are a foot shorter than the person that insists on taking the lead and riding in the front. The person in the back has no steering control and can't see a darn thing.  Jeff still swears to this day that he was basically "pumping" me for six whole miles. He doesn't believe that I was pedaling at all even though I have assured him that not pedaling was impossible since the front and back pedals moved concurrently.

Because, trust me, I tried.

The Pros: listening to Matt and Mel banter back and forth as they tried to get in a good routine, burning off some cupcake calories, the Central Park crowd.

The Cons: burning legs, bad view, SIX MILES, uphill both ways, feeling out of control and having to rely on my husband not to kill me and our unborn child on the tandem bike.

I am officially crossing Tandem Bike Ride off the bucket list.


Grandpa Lyle said...

This hurts so bad. No one should be allowed to laugh this hard! Uphill Both Ways - Really?

Anonymous said...

It sounds like it would be fun in theory. Of course Jeff could probably pedal 3 times faster than you. Maybe you and Mel should have riden together. Oh well a great memory!

Love you,

Grandma Lyle said...

I'm sure it was a great adventure but I feel Lisa's pain. Anyone who has been around Jeff long enough realize it's hard to keep up with him. I think I could keep up with him till he was about 5 years old. After that I no longer tried.

kel said...

this cracked me up...funny story. i can only imagine you during and after this.

Aunt Amy said...

Too much fun :) You two crack me up !!! Great pics !!