Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Eighty One: Embarassment

This picture is from our Disney World hotel. It cracks me up
 because it shows that even six year olds can get embarrassed.

Even though the little boys were too old, too big, and too cool for strollers, we still carried them with us everywhere in an effort to prevent whining when their little legs started to get tired.

Of course, no good deed goes unpunished. There was no shortage of whining since the boys instead fought over who had the privilege to ride in the orange stroller...and who was forced to ride in the squeaky one...all in all, the strollers were a win since they helped prevent sore and tired legs.

It was a common conversation topic for the adults to talk about how we all longed to be blissfully pushed around in strollers. So it came as no surprise that when GrandDad spotted this abandoned wheelchair outside our hotel, he quickly sat in it and resumed his duties of pushing Hayden's stroller, instructing Jeff to push them both and make a train.

We all thought the train idea was hilarious and was sure to turn lots of heads in the park that day.
Well clearly, all of us except for Hayden.


Grandpa Lyle said...

Hayden’s right, I would be embarrassed too!

Betty said...

That picture is great. Hayden will love it when he gets older.

Anonymous said...

I a sure that is not the first time dad embarassed someone (you, me, Matt, and the list goes on), but aren't those great memories and stories to tell. We have a his knack for story telling.


Anonymous said...

Wow I certainly don't have a knack for writing. My last sentence makes no sense at all. It should say: You have his knack for story telling. I sure wish I knew how to edit comments on here.


Aunt Amy said...

Next year you should add two more strollers to the train ... Davis and Blake too :)