Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sixty Two: Hot

I planned to blog tonight about the super exciting bowling party me and the boys went to. That blog was derailed, however, when I received a phone call from Jeff that our a/c unit downstairs was not working.

Just last week (to the day!) our upstairs a/c unit was broken. We called the emergency a/c repairman and two hundred and eighty dollars later the upstairs unit was working again. Don't get me wrong, two hundred and eighty dollars seems a little steep for an hours worth of work and very minimal parts, especially considering that we babysat the repairman's eight year old son while he worked. But the whole event last week made me naive enough to not get too terribly worked up about the downstairs a/c when Jeff called me.

So for the last couple of hours, we have sat in our hot living room waiting for the after hours repairman to show up. Watching The Office. Just having a jolly good time, but acknowledging the fact that we would most likely be writing a check for $300 within the hour.

Then the a/c man came over and informed us that there was no easy fix this time around. He could attempt to repair it for about $500 but it may only last a few days to a week...but then again it could last up to a month.

What was funny was that he said it could last up to a month with extra emphasis, as if that should be some sort of reassurance. He recommended we get a whole new unit. According to the 25 year old repairman, the new a/c units are very reasonable...only five or six thousand dollars.

Isn't it funny how the universe works? ISN'T IT JUST HI-LARIOUS?

A month after Jeff and I finally agree to redo all of the flooring in our house, our "one big splurge", our a/c unit goes out. Can you hear me laughing where you are right now?

So there we sat in the living room tonight trying to weigh out this very important, VERY EXPENSIVE decision as the repairman stood ten feet away on the stairs.

Awkward. And Silent.

I was left trying to decipher if Jeff was just figuring out the impact to the 40 year budget or attempting to tell me something in morse code through the silence.

And then more awkwardness.

I began filling the silence by asking irrelevant questions that made no sense. Afterall, I don't know one single thing about a/c units. Except that they are EXPENSIVE! Finally, we came to our senses, brushed the sweat off our forehead and paid the $65 trip charge so that we could talk privately without an up-selling consultant standing by.

Can you believe? Sixty Five Dollars? For delivering bad news? This goes unsaid, but that is roughly the same price as three pedicures.

We decided to talk about it tonight and figure out our game plan by the morning.

Regroup. Look at the budget. Discuss the options. Reach a decision.

Except that it is hot.

And being hot makes me grumpy.

And being hot and pregnant makes me extra grumpy.

***Somewhat related: I have always questioned Jeff whether it hurts as bad as guys say it does when they get kicked below the belt. It always seems, to me anyway, that it is just a tad bit exaggerated. So in an effort to get him to admit that (and go against all manly men of the world) I tell him all of the things that women have exaggerated.

Just last week I informed him that despite all the extra attention and sympathy I get for being this pregnant in the heat of the summer from random people in the grocery store, it really isn't that much worse. Don't get me wrong. It is still hot. But a hundred degrees is a hundred degrees, pregnant or not.

The bad news: He still argues that it hurts worse than ANYTHING when a guy gets kicked below the belt.

The extra bad news: I get no extra sympathy for being 8 months pregnant and without a functioning a/c unit.

The extra extra bad news: I am about to be five thousand dollars poorer. Now we just need to figure out which items we can sell on Craigslist. Anyone want a yorkshire terrier? Or some a/c parts? Old converse shoes?


Matt Stadler said...

it does hurt that bad... think icream head ache time 20 concentrated in a much smaller area (well not that much smaller)

Grandma Lyle said...

Out of all the home repairs over the years, the worst is A/C. That has been our own personal money pit.

And, yes, pregnant women need cool. It's been a long time but I still remember that much.

Aunt Amy said...

Don't get rid of Angel ... she counts as a girl ... remember :) All the ladies have to stick together :)