Monday, September 27, 2010

Sixty Six: A Coupler

After dinner at Babe's last night, we decided to walk around 
a bit to take advantage of the perfect weather.

We noticed quite a few professional photographers 
with clients since there are lots of rustic locations in
old town Frisco.

One of those areas is this old train engine and caboose. Hayden
and Davis immediately spotted the train and sprinted ahead to it.

"LOOK! IT'S A REAL HOOKER!" Davis said as he began
climbing all over it. No amount of explaining by Jeff that it was
actually called a "coupler" could convince Davis to
modify his word choice.

Davis & Hayden pose with the "hooker", September 2010


Betty said...

He's just practicing for later in life! lol. He is so funny.

mica said...

Lol! Bring him to the not shower. We're planning to have a real hooker there for a photo op!