Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Last Thursday, my beloved Grandfather ("GrandDad") passed away and joined the heavens up above. Our weekend was spent traveling to Amarillo to join our family. As sad as it was for all to lose a grandfather, a father, a husband, an uncle, and a friend, it was such a neat experience sitting around his porch telling old stories of him.
There wasn't enough time for all of the stories.
The reminiscing stretched on for days. It would start in the mornings and carry on into the evenings. Stories of camping trips, lake trips, home-made ice cream, fishing, hunting, and just enjoying life and those around him.
Many family members remembered some of the life lessons learned from him including how to pick out a watermelon, how to work hard for a living, and how to play a good game of 42.

One thing was clear. He was loved. It was evident by the outpouring of admiration that he was respected by all who knew him. If I can make half of the impact that my GrandDad did to those around me, my life will be successful.

John W. Stadler
Great GrandDad and Hayden, 12/2003


Mica said...

So well said. I am thinking of your family!

Anonymous said...

He was loved and a great man. The Stadler's certainly have shaped my life. He will be missed, but his legacy will live on through his family. It was a good weekend even though it was difficult at times.

I love you,

Betty said...

I'm sorry for your loss. These older grandparents are given so much respect which they deserve. We could all learn a few lessons from them. When I pass on, all my granddaughter will remember me for is being "Nutty Nonie". What a great tribute! He would be proud of your tribute.

kel said...

great post...makes me think of my grandpa and how very much i miss him!

Aunt Amy said...

I hope all the Stadler's know that they are in our thoughts and prayers :) We love you all :)

Anonymous said...

You can totally tell he's a Stadler from that picture. Much love to your family. Glad you all had that time together to share your memories. He sounds like he was a great man!