Thursday, September 2, 2010

Forty Four: Photoshoot

Look how looks like he already has signs of a double chin.

I remember when I was pregnant with Hayden, it didn't matter if I was in line at the grocery store or riding up the elevator, I showed everyone who looked my way Hayden's ultrasound pictures.

This go 'round, Blake has gotten more than his fair share of ultrasound pictures. They are all over. Inside my purse. My glove box. My junk drawer. A couple on the fridge. Everywhere! But until now, I don't think I have shown a single person pictures of Blake.

It's not that I am not* just as excited about Blake joining our family, because Boy! Howdy!, I am! In fact, in case anyone is curious, there are approximately sixty nine more days left until I will be kissing the top of his bald little head (guessing based on prior experience) and staring at his adorable teeny-tiny pinkie fingernail (my favorite part).

It's just that sometime between 2003 and now, I realized that ultrasound pictures really all look the same. In fact, for all you know, I just copied this picture from google images.

* Mica / Mom - please overlook the double negative. My editing skills are fading fast.


Betty said...

The quality of ultrasounds has improved by 100% since back in the old days when I was pregnant. It's amazing to me how much you can tell by these pics. I love seeing them. Thanks for sharing.

mica said...

I cannot wait for Drew to meet his twin, Blake! They look identical!

Lisa said...

Trust me Mica, I know. I even seem some resemblance of Ella here too.

Mica said...