Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Twenty Nine: Field Day

Nothing much to post here. Except that I feel pressure to post field day pictures from Kindergarten before Hayden starts First Grade next week.

On that note, the first Field Day was such a let down.

What happened to tug-of-war? Fifty yard dash? And the three legged race?

Now field day is filled with water games and ring tosses.
One station was the even playground.
THE PLAYGROUND! for crying out loud.

Come ON! I need tryouts and races and ribbons to relive my elementary years.

I had to run back to work so I only stayed for two "events:" the cup stacking relay and the basketball relay...both of which "everyone was a winner."


Betty said...

I agree with you. Field day sucks at Megan's school too. The only thing they do now that was like my kids school is the tug-o-war.

Mica said...

Such a whip! I think I'd rally the kids to demand a race! If I wanted Ella to win, it would probably be an eating contest. Not sure that's in the spirit of Field Day either.