Sunday, August 22, 2010

Thirty Three: The Greatest Show on Earth

A couple of weeks ago we went to the circus with Amy. We showed up extra early so that we could participate in the very special behind the scenes preview before the show.

Amy and I were so excited about this. Clowns were everywhere.

Kids could try on costumes, pose with clowns, walk on tight ropes, balance on big giant balls.

Guess who wasn't very excited about all the clowning around?

In fact, the only reason we even have these pictures is because we bribed the boys. One picture with Mr. Strongman Clown = Cotton Candy.

After these few pictures, we headed back to our seats to eat our $100 pizza and nachos.

Soon the show started and didn't disappoint.

There were elephants. And elephant poop. And people shooting out of cannons. And Lions. And Tigers. And people with no ligaments that wrap themselves around ribbons 200 feet in the air. But the fun didn't stop there. There were light up swords and snow cones too (thanks to Aunt Amy!).

A fun time was had by all. So much fun that Jeff and I determined that we will revisit the circus once Blake turns five. And we will eat before we go.

At time of posting it is still undetermined whether the highlight of the night was the light up sword or the elephant poop. Boys love poop, you know.


Aunt Amy said...

The circus was a ball :) And the boys looked great in their cotton candy wizard hats too :)

Kim said...

We had a great time at the circus too...even though they charged $9 for some lemonade!

Anonymous said...

Boys will be boys, just look at your brother!!

Love you,