Saturday, August 7, 2010

Eighteen: Diving 101

This summer, the boys have both taken huge strides in their swimming ability. Our neighborhood pool doesn't have a diving board, so on a couple of occasions, we have taken them to the city pool so they can have the full pool / diving experience.

The first time Davis went off the diving board, I stood on the side literally shaking for fear that I was going to have to jump in and rescue him. I was unsure if Davis had the stamina to make it the 15 feet from the diving board to the side of the pool. Especially after the whistle was blown at him for Wearing Goggles In The Deep End. Do you have any idea how dangerous goggles can be In The DEEP END.

Me either. But we obeyed and followed the rules.

And it was obvious by the way the life guard scooted to the front of her seat that she had the same concerns.

But he successfully jumped.

After a nice little 45 second dance performance on the edge of the diving board.

I don't know who looked crazier. Me standing on the edge of the pool screaming SWIM! SWIM. KICK YOUR FEET! USE YOUR ARMS! DON'T SWIM LIKE A SHARK. KICK! KICK! KICK!

Or him doing arm circles before shouting CAANNNNONNN! BA....and jumping into the water

I literally saw two life guards on the side making fun of him imitating his "arm circle cannon ball jump trick."

But he doesn't need to know that.

The point is, he made it across.

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Aunt Amy said...

I think Davis wants to swim like a shark b/c I was a shark when I was younger...yes it's true. I was on the neighborhood swim team and was a great swimming shark :) You might be wondering was Jeff a shark too...absolutely NOT. :)