Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fourteen: Busy Moving Tiny Toys

We are 70% through our home remodel. The wood floors are nailed down and the tile is laid. Tomorrow starts the final phase: the carpet.

The man doing the carpet casually mentioned on the phone that he would move all the furniture but requested that we unplug all electronics and move any odds-and-ends off the ground and shelves.

He said it so casually and nonchalantly that I allotted about 10 minutes of my night to this chore. Jeff could unplug a few cords, and I could pick up a few pairs of shoes, I thought.

Two hours later and we are still not done.

Who knew we had so much stuff just lying around on the ground?

Aside from the fact that I found shoes in Jeff's closet from his Freshman year in high school, I am most annoyed with tiny toys.

I am just wishing that I would be invited to a toy manufacturer focus group soon because I would let them have it. It seems you can't buy an action figure anymore without it including a box full of itty bitty add-ons. It's just a joke to assume that two boys can keep up with all these extras. Forget the teeny-tiny sword case, sword, and be honest, we are doing good if we have the action figure itself after a month...with most of his appendages.

The toy in the picture above is merely an example. I picked up about a four million others that were tinier but unrecognizable in a photograph.

Just to give you an idea: Picture a single Lego block. Now picture something roughly one tenth of that size in the shape of a tiny gun. Now picture the itty-bitty-teeny-weeny bullet in that gun. Now picture me, six months pregnant, crawling around the floor picking these miniscule toys up.

And that's what we've been up to tonight.

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