Monday, March 8, 2010

Snow Place Like Home

I realize that this post is late since we are now less than
two weeks away from the first day of spring…
also known as the vernal equinox...
also known as the end of my twenties…

But that is beside the point.
This post is about SNOW and these pictures just can’t go undocumented.

About a month ago, school was canceled at the very thought that it might snow.

And unlike typical snow/ice days in Dallas, it actually did.

A quick trip to the attic left us with proper gear for everyone.
Everyone except Davis who was forced to wear his
t-ball cleats because his feet grow way too fast.

But we lied and told him they were
just a different kind of snow boots
Just think of all the extra traction you'll get with those cleeted SNOW boots.
Melt-down averted.

There was snow.
Lots Of It!
Mounds and mounds of snow.

And not the kind of snow that is impossible to work with.

This Snow was really good,
snowman building!
snow angel making!
snowball throwing!
The boys even pretended their four wheelers were snow mobiles.
Which of course, didn’t work, but was very entertaining to watch.

1 comment:

Aunt Amy said...

I needed the Lyle Family help to build my snowman...mine did not turn out that good :(. You all did a great job on yours :)