Friday, February 19, 2010


I know I still need to post my ‘Dear Hayden’ installment, but it’s going to have to wait until this weekend. Not because I love Davis more (Mica!), but because at that time I will have more time to ponder the craziness that is a Kindergartener’s life.

* A loose tooth
* A reading contest
* And a school costume party what seems like every week

Last week’s costume: “The Boy” in Cat In The Hat.

I did a quick google search to find out what this costume entailed. Lucky for us, “The Boy” just wears black pants and a white shirt, and according to Wikepedia, his name may or may not be Conrad.

In the mean time, I will leave you with Davis’ American Idol auditions.

This is what we do as a family on any given week night.

Stand on ‘stage’ and perform.

And when I say ‘we’, I’m not excluding anyone.

Are you jealous?

I am told that Davis made such an impression when he started belting out this song at school that they took him on tour... around the daycare...performing in every class. And I can only imagine how much he ate that attention up!

Are you looking like a fool “wif a golden toof in your mouth?”


Mica said...

Hilarious! It's amazing what a child can do when he knows his parents love him. Poor Hayden. JK!!

You need to do a full judging panel. I'd love to hear Hayden's critique of that performance!

I'd also love to see you perform!

Betty said...

That is the cutest thing. He just won American Idol in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Woohoo!! You are going to Hollywood baby!!!! He is too cute. I will be showing this to all my friends.

Love you,