Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Photo Essay: Hibachi Grill

What this photo shows:
  • Chef Michael prepares my rare steak and Jeff's "very rare" steak.
  • Dad orders sushi as an appetizer and shares with the table.
  • Matt pours another glass (shot glass?) of hot sake.
  • Melissa is the only person at the table that orders something healthy. Chicken and steamed rice.
  • Ryan eats all of Melissa's rice.
  • The other three boys eat two bites total. Not each. Total.

What this picture doesn't show:

  • My rare steak comes off the grill before Jeff's "very rare" steak.
  • Lisa gets the chills thinking of hot sake.
  • The table next to us stares at us and wonders why on earth we would attempt to bring four small boys to this restaurant.
  • As Melissa places her order, the rest of us silently think, "who orders steamed rice when you could have FRIED rice"....and then notice how skinny she is compared to the rest of us.
  • After the big presentation, as Chef Michael cleans up his mess and begins to head out, Davis calls out...


Chef Michael: Yes?

Davis: Can I tell you some-fing?!?

Chef Michael: Yes

Davis: You know what?

Chef Michael: What?

Davis: I LOVE YOU!

Also of importance: After everything was cooked, Chef Michael gave everyone a chance to catch a tiny piece of scrambled egg in their mouth. Even Ryan, who had been somewhat startled earlier by the fire was given a shot and actually came pretty close to catching it.

But only one of us was successful.

And I will give you a hint.

It wasn't Matt or Jeff who have each spent more time over the years preparing for This Very Moment than they have spent shaving.

It was me.


The one who has never caught anything thrown into my mouth from greater than 1/2 inch away.


Unfortunately, I don't have a picture to prove it since I was the photographer.

Just know that if I did, it would be my Facebook profile picture.


Anonymous said...

That sure was a fun night!!! I think we were all entertained by Chef Michael. The pictures are great especially the ones of the kids trying to catch the egg. I sure wish we would have caught the winner though - congratulations on your claim to fame!!!

Love you, Mom

Betty said...

Wow, congratulations. Next time tell Jeff he has to take the camera for a change. Davis is so cute. I can just hear him saying he loved the chef. I'm surprised he didn't tell the guy he was a "cooker man" too.

Mica said...

I didn't doubt your talents for a second. I'd love to have a picture of you catching food in your mouth with Davis' cooker hat on. That would so go on Facebook!