Tuesday, December 22, 2009

So Be Good For Goodness Sake

Davis, just because you're no longer afraid of Santa like yesteryear, you still put on a good show and acted like you were.

And once you got that pesky picture out of the way, you made sure Santa knew every last item on your list (including but not limited to: a candy cane, a "push-up-push-down transformer", and a Nintendo DS).
Until of course that rude lady behind the camera yelled "NEXT" and interrupted the wish list mid-sentence.

What is Santa's email address? Maybe you should set a follow up meeting.
And then there was you, Hayden. You were well aware that this was not even the real Santa. Not even the real North Pole. How could it be? It wasn't even cold in that 30 minute line that snaked through Stonebriar Mall.

No way! No how!

So why were we even standing in this line?

Were you not clear enough in the letter you wrote about what you wanted?

A Magic Wand....How hard can it be?

And it was hard for me not to agree. Sometimes meetings are a little over done.

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Betty said...

How cute are your sweet boys??? Hayden seems so sweet and shy and Davis-well, he looks like he will be matched up pretty good with Miss Ella!