Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hotels and Rule Breaking

Oh C’mon!

Everyone is doing it.

And if you’re not, you know you want to.

I mean $139 + exorbitant taxes = way too expensive for just sleeping.

We call it getting our money’s worth.

We also took the nifty luggage carrier to our room,
without a bellhop,
and left it in the room overnight.

Oh, and check out that view.

They were standing on the writing desk for that photo shoot. Go ahead, call us rebels!

***Doesn't that last picture look so natural? Photographers everywhere will be copying that pose.
Okay, now I am going to want you to cover his forehead with the palm of your hand.

1 comment:

Kelbel said...

Love these much fun. As a rule follower myself...I highly approve of these broken ones...especially for thaws sweet boys!