Friday, October 16, 2009

Not Just Skin and Bones

A few months ago we purchased this nifty little pull up bar. As Seen On TV.

Jeff argued he needed it. He just couldn't work out his lats and his biceps like he needed to.

I couldn't either, for that matter.

After the purchase, I decided I would reinstate my on-again-off-again life long goal to do a pull up.

Then I attempted one....and couldn't even get my arms out of the locked position.

Next Jeff tried to "assist" me by lifting a portion of my body weight. I think he was surprised to find out that this maneuver was actually a better workout than the pull-up bar itself.

That moment, as we awkwardly struggled, my legs flailing wildly within the door frame of my bedroom, is the moment I officially crossed "pull up" off my bucket list. Right then and there I came to the realization that I am no closer to doing a pull-up at age 29 than I was 19 years ago as I sat in my 4th grade P.E. class and attempted to earn the coveted 'presidential award'.

"My turn! My turn!" the kids chanted in the background.

I chuckled at how naive they were as they watched their Dad effortlessly do pull-ups.

Did they seriously think they had the upper body strength? PUH-LEASE.

After Hayden successfully did a pull up with no assistance and Davis did one with minimal* assistance I declared myself THE WEAKEST LINK of the family. But I am at peace with it.
My life has turned out pretty good so far without the Presidential Award.

*Notice Jeff helping Davis by stretching his own neck out as far as possible. Won't it be so entertaining in a few years to watch Jeff on the sidelines of a basketball court "assisting" the kids with lay-ups and stuff?


Betty said...

How no photo of you doing this Lisa???

Anonymous said...

Sorry. I left off a word. This is why I don't blog!