Friday, August 14, 2009

Two Hands

Today is the 10 year anniversary of the day Jeff and I decided to spend the rest of our lives together.

I am excited.

My excitement is threefold. Let me explain.

#1) Ten years is a really long time. Like over a third of my life.

#2) I have eaten nothing but fish and protein drinks all week, and can’t wait to celebrate (by eating, of course) at a new sushi restaurant. To prove my seriousness, know that I've spent the last two weeknights scouring online menus looking for the perfect restaurant.
#3) From a very young age, I looked forward to my tenth birthday. Ten was a monumental year, and I am sure you all know why. It is at that point when you can hold up two FULL hands when someone asks your age. A BIG DEAL, PEOPLE! Although, I can’t really recall a time when I just responded in silence and held up my two hands when asked my age, I vividly remember looking forward to the opportunity to do so (and even wondering how I will possibly answer someone when I turn eleven…will I hold up my two hands and my big toe?). And now, if someone asks me how long I have been married to Jeff, I can proudly hold up two FULL hands (if I choose to be mute).

On Topic, Sort Of: To celebrate the big event we took a trip with the family down to Austin. (Keep it on the down low because Hayden thinks we were celebrating his graduation). Anyway, in Austin we did lots of fun things, including going to the Congress bridge where over a million bats fly from the bridge every night.
It was amazing to watch, but also somewhat disappointing. Disappointing because this picture will not be the memory engrained in the minds of our children when they think back about the bat experience. Unfortunately, some people use this tourist attraction as a way to make some extra cash. Because of this Hayden and Davis will instead remember the man with the weird voice selling light up swords and the fact that their mean parents refused to purchase one. Thanks a lot, man with the weird voice selling light up swords! Way to divert the attention from the bats and create a family battle!

A Bit of Irony, and A Bit of TMI:
After our day in Austin, we relocated to a nice resort nearby. The resort was gorgeous and filled with breathtaking views and delicious restaurants. Most of the restaurants were buffet style which means that one needs to get their money’s worth when visiting. $18.99 is a lot for breakfast, but not if you get 3 glasses of orange juice, coffee, a made-to-order omelet, salmon, a Belgian Waffle, and fresh fruit. So obviously, you can see how this can naturally lead to a $38.99 breakfast if you include the cost of my favorite skirt that I busted the zipper on. Here is the ironic part: Ten years prior to this event, while “getting my money’s worth” on our honeymoon, I split the seat of my favorite pair of shorts (okay, they were jorts, Mica). It was a bit embarrassing to trek all the way back to the hotel to change, but MORTIFING when I took my shorts off and realized that I had not only split my shorts, but also my underpants. At the time, it was HUMILIATING, ten years later I find it HYSTERICAL!


Mica said...

Oh man-I don't know if I will stop laughing about this one. Hilarious!

Don't worry. Like you said 10 years is a long time...I am sure jorts were acceptible then.

Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Man, I wish I could have been there for the double pants split! Hysterical!!!