Wednesday, August 26, 2009

On The Life Of A Kindergartner

6:42 A.M. – 6:50 A.M.: Kindergartner is awake and ready to start the first day of his school career. He changes into the perfect first day of school outfit.

6:51 A.M. – 7:32 A.M.: Kindergartner eats a nourishing breakfast (Cinnamon Sugar Poptart!) and watches cartoon of his choice (his day to pick).

7:33 A.M. – 7:40 A.M.: Kindergartner brushes teeth and has a meltdown when he notices in the mirror that his shirt has a collar.

7:40 A.M. – 7:42 A.M.: Mom allows Kindergartner to change into a non-collared and not as cute shirt. (All must be well on the first day of school.)

7:43 A.M.: Mom insists on photo shoot in the front yard.

7:43 A.M. – 7:52 A.M.: Family battle ensues. Neighbors overhear this “discussion”.
Get him to smile!
How am I supposed to get him to smile?
I don’t know, make a funny face or something!
Let’s just go. We are going to be late on the first day.
I don’t care if we are late… We are going to get a GOOD picture before anyone goes ANYWHERE!

7:53 A.M. - Dad and Kindergartner cooperate. Click! (Kindergartner will thank me later). 7:55 A.M.: Kindergartner is dropped off at the entrance to the school and walked in by a cute 5th grade hall monitor.

7:56 A.M.: Mom’s eyes fill with tears.

7:57 A.M- 8:00 A.M.: Dad makes fun of Mom for teary eyes.

8:01 A.M. – 11:45 A.M.: ~~~time lapse~~~ no idea what happened during this period, other than it was “good”~~~~

11:46 A.M. – 11:50 A.M: Mom convinces Dad to drive by Elementary School on lunch break in hopes of getting a glimpse into the life of a Kindergartner. All kids were inside during the drive by.

11:51 A.M. – 5:34 P.M.: ~~~time lapse~~~ no idea what happened during this period, other than it was “good”~~~~

5:35 P.M. – 8:27 P.M.: Mom asks Kindergartner approximately one thousand, two hundred and thirty seven questions about his day. Mom learns that he likes his teacher. Played outside. And was told he couldn’t have Funyuns at lunch.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe "our" baby is growing up so quickly. I am glad he had a good first day and first week. I am glad you got the pictures.

I love you!


Callie said...

ok, you make me laugh and I will SOOO be the same mom on Carson's first day of Kinder! Miss you guys!!

kel said...

funny!! good stuff...definitely had to have the matter what!

Anonymous said...

So sweet. I was a mess on Jack's first day. I followed the bus for the entire route and got out at the school. Cried when he got on the bus, cried when they lined up and went in the school, and cried when I repeated the whole experience to Mark. Hard to believe how fast it goes by!

Mica said...

I still can't believe Hayden is in school. The picture was worth the "discussion." So cute! Does he brag to Davis?