Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Marketer's Dream

Just when you think the advertising industry has been flipped on its head...what with all the people like me that fast forward through commercials and can’t find a newspaper if it hit them on the head.

But then you talk to a five year old. Particularly my five year old. He insists on watching all commercials. Quoting them and constantly revising his Christmas list based on the latest product developments.

I knew it was bad the other day when he randomly ended a sentence with “AT&T. Your world. Connected.”

But then it was taken to another level when he insisted we purchase the new Danimals Crush Cups at our next grocery store visit.

Have you see these things, Internet? Oh my!
The kids love them, but they are the most ridiculous thing I have seen since the Level IV transformers that require a PhD to assemble.

In case you missed the commercial announcing the brilliant idea on Cartoon Network, I will go ahead and explain.

Danimals yogurt crush cups are designed to require no spoon. You know, like a grab-and-go type of thing. You just squeeze the cup and “slurp” it out.

Except the crush cup looks EXACTLY like a regular yogurt cup. So instead of actually creating a new product, the brilliant marketers instead just said, “HEY KIDS, TELL YOUR PARENTS YOU NO LONGER NEED A SPOON WHEN EATING YOGURT!”

So imagine yourself attempting to“slurp” your yogurt out of your typical yogurt cup.

Now imagine my three and five year old “slurping” their yogurt. Messy, to say the least.

I will go ahead and say that if I had the time, I would make my own commercial about the stupidity (we don’t say stupid!) of this new product release.

But in case you are unconvinced by my negative product review, you can click here and read my friend Stormy's review of them. We're living parallel lives at the moment (with our two crazy boys and silly husbands). I think we wrote this post on the exact same day, which means one of two things: A great coincidence...or a seriously strong marketing campaign at the Danimal Home Office.
A few caveats about the picture above: whatever he is doing with his hand and his eye is apparently part of the Crush Cups commercial. Also, since I only dress my children one day per year, all other stay-at-home time is spent in costume or in underwear-only. I am such a mean mom to enforce those plaid shorts every now and again!

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StormyHickman said...

This is hysterical! And I totally feel your pain!