Monday, January 5, 2009

Home, Home on the Range

Last Saturday, we took an outing to the local driving range. Jeff got a couple of new clubs for Christmas and wanted to show me how much closer he is to becoming a pro. So, we loaded up the children, made a quick stop at Toys R' Us for some age-appropriate clubs, and headed to the range (along with everyone else in the city). The weather was perfect, and the place was packed.

If the game of golf was about rolling around on the ground and eating tees, our children would be scholarship bound. Somewhere along the way, both of the boys misunderstood the goal of the game. Both thought (and still do) the sole purpose was to swing the club with the intent of breaking the tee. If they happen to hit the ball in the meantime, it was a mere coincidence.

Also, there were a few meltdowns related to who was lucky enough to hit the "bonus ball" (the only yellow ball in the entire bucket). Luckily neither of them hit the ball farther than 5 feet, so both were allowed several attempts to break the tee with the "bonus ball" on it.

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Callie said...

you make me laugh so hard!! And your pictures are so cool! Look at you gettin' all digital and stuff with your photos!