Thursday, November 20, 2008

Three Things I Love Today.

Number ONE: Turning on the strobe light and having a dance party with my husband and kids. The strobe light was ‘my one big splurge’ I picked up from Target during this Halloween season. Let me just say Internet, if you don't already have a strobe light laying around, go out and buy one. With the flip of a switch, everyone appears to be a fantastic dancer (*of course I actually am since I have 11+ years of drill team experience).

Also, if you live in the Dallas area, you need (need!) to see some of my husband's mad dancing skills. Call me for an appointment. You won't be disappointed!
Number TWO: The “What-Was-Your-Favorite-Thing-About-Your-Day” discussion that we have every night. This sounds like a much more simple process that it actually is, because if he could, Davis would spend a full 2 hours telling us about his favorite part of the day…including a hundred of so smacking verbal pauses.

“One day,” he’ll start…and then begin a very lengthy drawn out monologue. Then when Hayden finally has had enough, he'll start to interrupt and tell about his day. At that point, Davis just gets louder and louder complaining that it is still his turn. The other day in an effort to calm Davis down, Hayden shouted back, DAVIS JUST IG-NORE ME! and both continued on telling about their day simultaneously. Granted, they are both boys, so it is typically just high level bullet points about their day rather than their "favorites"…but it is informational nonetheless. Like the story about the turtle Jessie Fox brought in that pooped on the table. Or how Julia tries to kiss all the boys. Or the revelation that Oliva is a “Tattlin’ Madelyn”. (Side note: Davis has adopted this whole rhyming thing and now calls any and everyone Bossy-Dossy. He gets in trouble for it, but it is pretty dang cute).

Number THREE: My job. My new office is located near all of the Home Department buyers. As it turns out, that particular Department has secret Sample Sales in the halls benefiting United Way. They sell all kinds of home décor for pennies on the dollar. They only like to invite their home department buddies, but fortunately I have super-sonic ears (another thing I love) and can hear them stirring. And when I do, I grab my checkbook and mosey out of my cubicle hole and begin shopping. Just last week, I bought this set of black and white pictures for $25.

Sometimes I get carried away and buy things I don't need though. Like the other day when I bought our third electric can opener. It was better than the first and second one we own becasue it is black and silver (as opposed to just black). I was reprimanded for that one.

Another benefit to working here involves robots. The other day, the office hosted a robot competition in the main foyer (I know, a robot competition?!?). I just happened to notice it on the way to the meeting. So after my meeting I called up Jeff (who works 1 mile away) and told him the good news. Next I went downstairs to pick up Hayden (only to find out he was already at the robot competition). All of us enjoyed a very robotic lunch. Not your typical nine-to-five job and for that I am thankful. (Side note: Davis isn’t a deprived child, he’s just very schedule oriented).

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