Friday, November 14, 2008

Sympathy from a Telemarketer

Tonight the kids were rather rambunctious. Both of them wanted to play with the large Lightning McQueen car which had suddenly become a hot commodity. This particular Lightning McQueen (there are many!) has been sitting in the toy box for over 18 months, so I am not exactly sure what drove the new found interest of both boys at the exact same time.

Sharing was enforced.

Fists were thrown.

Time-outs ensued.

Tears were shed.

But in the middle of all the chaos a telemarketer called. I can't even tell you what company she was calling from because every time I would ask her to repeat herself, one of the kids would start screaming in the background.

So much so that the telemarketer offered to call me back at a better time.

"Uh sure", I said and hung up the phone...not exactly sure that there would ever be a better time.

Then I sat there stunned.

I was just hung up on by a telemarketer. A true first. A very, very sad reality that whining bothers even the most annoying people.

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