Sunday, October 19, 2008

Let's Be Honest

If you notice in the post below, I cropped the top of Davis' head off in every picture.

...spent about 30 minutes doing it, in fact.

But then I thought I should be more honest with my Internet friends...this boy needs a HAIRcut!

We shaved his head for the summer so we are trying to let it grow back out. This in-between stage is killin' me because he sort of looks like a troll. Jeff says his hair would do the same thing if he didn't use gel, but we're busy people and we can't find the extra 3 minutes a day it would take to gel it down. One day he'll be 12 and he can dippity-do it himself.

1 comment:

KelBel said...

Now that is funny stuff! i love the troll look...nothing could make that sweet boy look silly!