Monday, August 18, 2008

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin' on the River

Last weekend, we had the chance to go to Houston to visit the Grandparents. On the way, we stopped off in Huntsville and met Grandpa out on the river for a day of boating. We went to the Trinity River, which apparently is known for alligators, so I was nervous to say the least. Supposedly, they "stay away from people"...but typically I prefer to just stay away from alligators to mitigate the risk.

I felt like I was on alligator patrol everywhere we went...looking for a "string of bubbles", which, for the record, we DID see. On the positive side, the water was the smoothest I have ever wake boarded on and there was only one other boat on the entire river. All in all, it was an amazing day.

Hayden put in a valient effort on the wakeboarding thing. He didn't officially get up, but he thinks he did (sort of like snow skiing when he was 2). We tried it 3 different ways...riding with dad...starting off of the swim deck...and the normal way...The second and third way didn't really work out, and we are all blaming it on the fact that the boots were about 6 inches too big. The first round of him boarding by himself, we forgot one minor detail when we were giving him instructions. That detail would be to DROP THE ROPE if you FALL.

Once he fell, he immediately lost his board but kept hanging on to the rope, drug by the boat for another 70 feet or so. When we came finally came to a stop, we were all, "Oh, Hayden, one more thing...if you fall, you can drop the rope, and we will come back around to get you." I think he was nervous he'd be left out there forever if he let go.

On the other hand, he absolutely LOVED tubing and declared that he wants to be a "tubing pilot" when he grows up. And too that I say, Be All You Can Be, Hayden Lyle!

Davis was sort of a non-player on the boat because he wasn't feeling too well. We didn't find out until that evening that he was actually running a fever. He fell asleep on his tube ride, so that should have been my first clue. Fortunately, he came around the next day. Notice the matching outfits him and his Grandpa were wearing. It was very cute....but it would have been cuter if Grandpa would have found his red cape to top off the outfit.

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