Saturday, July 19, 2008

An Apology to Ella

For those of you who don’t know, Ella Anderson is the future Ms. Ella Lyle. It’s an arranged marriage planned for 2030. Mark your calendars. The two of them aren’t aware of it yet, but trust me, it will be a beautiful wedding. One that I am not paying for.
But I would like to take this time to send an apology out to Ms. Ella Bella because I have dropped the ball on teaching her future husband how to cuddle.

Every morning, both boys crawl into my bed around 6 a.m. to watch cartoons. Hayden on my left side, and Davis on my right side.

It’s always about the first commercial break when Davis situates his face about two inches from mine and whispers, “Mom, do you want to ‘nuggle?”

I, of course, love nothing more than snuggling with my boys in the mornings, so I whisper back, “yea, sure”…smiling from the inside out.

That’s when Davis proceeds to crawl from my right side to my left side. It takes a good two minutes of adjusting and situating…getting the covers and the pillow in the perfect position.

But every morning, when I go to put my arm behind his back to “nuggle”, he wiggles away and says, “No mom. This my spot. Move your arm.”

Somewhere along the way he missed the true definition of snuggling and cuddling and is now convinced that snuggling is nothing more than being on the left hand side of the snuggle partner.

So Ella, for that I am sorry. My promise to you is that between now and 2030, I will work on it.

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Mica said...

Please feel free to work on it, but also communicate that there will be no "nuggling" with my daughter until at least 2025! have some time.