Monday, April 14, 2008

Play Ball!

Last Saturday was the first official little league t-ball game for Hayden…it was also the second official little league t-ball game. For some odd reason, the team had a double-header scheduled. Four year olds. Double Header. During Nap Time. Surprisingly, it actually didn’t go as bad as I thought it had the potential to go.
They don’t take score in these games, and admittedly, this used to bother the super-competitor in me. But after witnessing thirteen four-year olds try to learn the game of t-ball, it no longer does.

Right now there are much more simple things to focus on than counting runs or forcing outs…like bringing your bat to the plate when your up to bat…or remembering that you throw the ball with your hand, not your glove…or understanding that it is not just about touching the bases, but also the order in which you touch them.

T-ball is absolutely hilarious to watch. As directions are shouted out from the crowd…
RUN TO FIRST…RUN TO FIRST…HAYDEN, RUN TO FIRST…it is entertaining to see how many of the other kids listen and obey the orders. It wasn’t unusual to see the pitcher, second baseman, and right fielder make a mad dash to first at the same time.

I am clearly down-playing Hayden’s pure t-ball skills though, because…I kid you not… a scout from the Philadelphia Phillies was there to watch him play. Sure, it was Kellie’s boyfriend Clint, and we didn’t get an official offer yet, but I have no doubt it is coming shortly.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, I do recall an offer being made as we walked off. Clint told Jeff he could definitely see Hayden as a 5th rounder...or something like that...which I think means that he could get picked up in the 5th round of picks. Hey, you gotta start somewhere!