Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dear Davis,

Two weeks ago, you turned 2 and ½ years old. It just doesn’t seem quite real to me. I remember when I found out I was having another boy, I thought I knew exactly how you would act, how you would look. If I would have been asked to draw a picture of you at that very moment, I probably would have drawn Hayden with green eyes or something.

But you are nothing like Hayden. Not your hair, not your body-type, not your personality. In fact, you are about the exact opposite. With Hayden, I can point out every single one of his traits and attribute it to someone in the family. You, on the other hand, must have all recessive genes. Unlike the three of us, who are very reserved and quiet until you get to know us, you are just the opposite. You talk to ANY and EVERYONE.
In fact, just today, at the City of Plano Trash facility, you held up the line of cars for about 3 minutes while you explained to the poor trash inspector how you had two transformer autobots. One was a good guy and one was a bad guy. She made the mistake of asking you which one was which and you proceeded to give her a lengthy explanation, of which neither of us could understand. But it doesn’t bother you if someone doesn’t understand you. You don’t mind repeating the sentence FOUR HUNDRED TIMES until they do. Or until they pretend they do.

You strive to be just like Hayden though. You have no interest in Elmo or Bob the Builder or any of those silly two year old toys. All you care about is what Hayden cares about. Spiderman, Transformers, and Ben-10. And when Hayden puts on his shiny new cleats to run outside, you insist on putting on your “pleats” as well. If we try to correct the way you say a word, you’re adamant that your way is correct…and lately, you’ve even started to correct the way we say certain words. I like the level of confidence you exude. Albeit, overconfidence, but I like it.
Right now, Hayden is calling everyone a liar. According to him, Mary Claire is lying about her brother being a vampire, Arthur’s lying about burping at the lunch table, and you’re lying about who had the soccer ball first. You’re starting to pick up this habit, but you’re a little more political about it. We’ll say, “it’s time for bed”, and you’ll be like “THAT’S NOT TRUE!”

You’re very….hmmm…how do I say this politely?…ahhh yes….Obsessive! Especially in the mornings. But in the last few weeks, you’ve really started to loosen up on your morning guidelines. First, you get your chocolate milk and it must be located on the banister. Dad carries you into our room and you say Hi Heide! Hi Angel! Hi Mommy! in that EXACT order. You go potty and afterward pick out your pull-up for the day. There’s no exception, it must be YOU that picks the pull-up out, regardless of the fact that they are all the same.
Daddy sings the Ben-10 theme song and you insist that he change the words to replace “Ben 10” with “Davis 10”.

“Do Davis”, you shout! Dad agrees.

You then insist he change the words to Mommy. Dad agrees.
“Do Heide”, you shout! Dad agrees.
“Do Dad”, you shout! Dad agrees.
“Do Angel”, you shout! Dad agrees.

And once you hear Dad sing, “…he’s no ordinary kid, he’s Angel 10” that means our morning can officially proceed.

Like I said before, I don’t know where your dirty blonde hair came from…or your one cheek dimple, but you’re absolutely adorable. And it’s not just your mom that thinks that. You have quite a fan base at school. I think you have the unique quality of making everyone think they have a special bond with you. This trait will help you through life.

You’re teacher, Ms. Damarilyn likes you so much she does things that could probably get her fired. Everyday when I pick you up, she tells me about how you two shared lunch….or how she went to the cafeteria to get you a special cookie…or how she shared her mocha frappuccino with you in the morning. I think calling you the teacher’s pet is a bit of an understatement. She tells me her real kids are actually jealous of all of the pictures she keeps on her phone of YOU!
But I can understand what she sees in you. Although the way you shout NO! at the top of your lungs has earned you one too many time outs, it’s your infectious smile and joyous attitude (60% of the time) that makes everyone you come in contact with LOVE you!

Love, Mom

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