Thursday, January 24, 2008

Trading Spaces

Around July of last year, I got a new job within the same company which required me to move to a new office across the building. I was immediately amazed at how different the culture was within one single company. My new office is situated among people with completely different jobs than mine. Our only commonality is that I don’t know what they do, and they don’t know what I do.

I contemplated writing this blog around October when they decorated their offices for Halloween. I don’t just mean sort of. I mean flying witches. Howling monsters. Contraptions that made noises every time someone walked by. It was over the top. But I stopped myself. I figured I was being too conservative and convinced myself to go back to my bean-counting hole and get over the lack of productivity due to all of the decorating.

Then at Christmas I again considered writing a blog about excessive cube decor. But I talked myself out of it. I didn’t want to be the only Grinch to express the opinion that decorating is for houses not cubicles. Again, I am not talking about one stocking or a bowl of Christmas candy. I mean talking Santa’s. Red and green beads hanging from ever light fixture. And a life-size snowman greeting the cubicle entrance.

But now that the SuperBowl decorating has begun, I have to say it. Enough is enough. The pictures don’t do it justice. Let me describe. One row has metallic streamers, a field goal made with PVC pipe, and football jerseys on every cubicle.

The next row (my row) is made up entirely of women. They decided to make a Superbowl spa day themed row…because that is where the Superbowl Widows go…to the spa. I know that is the reasoning behind the theme because it is repeated to every person that walks by…which, on average, is about 19 times per day.

On every cubicle (except mine) hangs a plush robe, gel eye masks, pictures of spas, mirrors, sponges, relaxation pillows. On the floor in front of every cubicle (except mine) lies pedicure slippers and a white rug. It is extravagant, to say the least. It’s cute, but I’m just sayin’…if someone in my old group would have tried a stunt like this, they would have been fired.

And while I am venting about people at work, who are these people that get so annoyed with something, that they take it upon themselves to make a sign (usually IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS) to release their frustration? Case in point...I walked in to the bathroom the other day only to see a bright pink sign taped to the mirror that read:



It made me laugh for a few minutes.

Then it made me contemplate who in the office would create such a sign.

It even made me question whether I sprinkled when I tinkled.

And then it made me reach for my camera...which unfortunately, I didn't have that particular day. I brought my camera the next day, but by then, either the janitor or someone who thought it wasn't that big of a deal to "sprinkle when you tinkle" had torn it down.

So unfortunately, you are left with the #2 sign I found. Someone took it upon themselves to end the smell of burning popcorn once and for all.

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Julia Williams said...

WOW!!! That is absolutely absurd... I can't wait to hear/see how they decorate for Valentine's Day...

We also have that sign in the bathroom, only it uses "sweetie" and "seatie" --- again, WOW!