Saturday, December 29, 2007

CSI Plano

The evidence points in one direction, but the eye witness gives a different account.
Who's guilty? You decide.

This reminds me of a story I must share. Betcha Didn't Know #43…I once took a bullet for my older brother. Not in the literal sense. Well, sort of in the literal sense. One time when we were little, Matt let curiosity get the best of him. He wanted to know if BB’s (as in a BB gun) would flush down the potty. But rather than test one BB to get his answer, he poured the entire bucket of them into the commode.

For the record they don’t flush.

Once my mom and dad noticed this, it turned into a true interrogation. Although they deny it, I vividly remember being placed outside, with our backs against the wall and asked over and over who put the BB’s in the toilet. We were told that if no one admitted it, we were going to the police station (no one other than me remembers that part). Finally, after about an hour of relentless questioning, I exclaimed that “I might have done it.” At that point, it was less about taking the bullet for Matt, and more about truly believing that if Matt didn’t do it…and Mom and Dad didn’t do it, I must have done it…in my sleep or something. Once I said that, Matt’s guilty conscience got the best of him and he burst into tears. I felt relieved…until I was forced to help him fish the BB’s out of the toilet. Why I didn’t argue with that one still has me scratching my head.

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Mica said...

Well if Hayden says Davis did it, then I'm sure Davis did it.