Sunday, June 10, 2007

Cliff Notes - Lisa's Blog

  • Alright, my list continues to grow of things I could've-should've-would've blogged about. Unfortunately, this stresses me out because I hate for my to-do list to grow. My personal rule is that something should always get crossed off before another item is added. It's called OCD....I'm over it.

    To combat this problem, I can do one of two options...toss the whole list in the trash, forget I ever wrote anything down and erase all of those memories for all of time...or give you the edited version in bullet format and hope that 20 years from now I will still be able to remember the whole story. I'm going with the latter.

  • Jeff placed #156 in the 5K Race for the cure that he ran in with his work. He was disappointed in his time and says he was passed by a 73 year old woman, an 8 year old boy, and a lady pushing a stroller. I don't know how this can be because he really is fast...compared to me, anyway! He won't admit it, but I know that he thought he was going to be in the top 10.

  • Hayden was kicked out of karate for not using his listening ears. Not forever, but for the day. On days that he does listen, however, he can do a mean "KE-YAH". He'll be a black belt any day now.

  • I got into someone else's car on accident. In my defense, there are a lot of Honda Accords out there....and those other people should start locking their doors...the fact that I was not driving the Accord that day is a minor point that can easily be overlooked.

  • Hayden's friend Mitchell was "teaching him how to fight" and punched him in the eye. What a friend!

  • Davis has learned to roll his idea where that came from.

  • Hayden and John Austin shaved their heads. Stephen started the trend. John Austin followed, and Hayden of course will do anything his older cousin, John Austin does

  • I went to a golf outing with my work and we played in scramble format. My only goal was to have my ball used at least once. I am happy to report it was used four times. Someone even said I drove the ball 200 yards, but I either missed that or they were just trying to kiss up.

  • Hayden participated in "safety violation week"...which could also be described as "tattle tale week". Everytime the kids saw one of their friends violating the safety rules, they could tell the teacher and be rewarded with a sticker. Can you imagine the patience Ms. Vickie has?

  • Davis began shooting Spiderman webs at anyone and everyone he passes. This use to impress everyone at school, but he is such a leader that all the boys in his class are doing it now.

  • Hayden asked if another baby was going to come out of my tummy. The diet officially starts tomorrow.

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