Saturday, April 7, 2007

Who’s on the invite list?!?

If you’re reading this, consider yourself on the list. You’ll know what I mean in a minute.

For Hayden, everything revolves around his birthday party…and who is invited. If someone makes him mad, they are no longer invited to his birthday party, which for reference sake is in October. But as of today, Tiani is not invited! Apparently she wanted him to clean up his mess in the home center, but he didn’t even make the mess. That made him mad, and for that, she was kicked off the birthday list. Fortunately for Tiani, I am sure she will have time between now and October to make her way back on the list.

Anyway, it got me thinking about who is on my birthday list and who I would like to kick off the list. If you have access to this blog and personal account of my life, consider yourself on the list. If you make me mad between now and the next March 21st, I’ll let you know….and you will be officially UNINVITED to my virtual birthday party!

I figure my birthday is as good as time as ever to catch up on some Betch Didn’t Know’s…

Betcha Didn’t Know #24 - My short term goal at work is to ride on the corporate jet. I really don’t want to go anywhere special, just ride around Dallas and have someone serve me breakfast.

Betcha Didn’t Know #25 - My long term goal at work is to ring the bell on Wall street. When I first started working there, about 10 of the top executives got to ring the starting bell because we were celebrating our 100 year anniversary. Ever since then, it’s been on my to-do list. Kellie and I once had someone hoist us on to the big Bull on Wall Street to take a picture…but it’s just not as cool as ringing the bell would be.

Betcha Didn’t Know #26 - Hayden has started learning his letters and the sounds they make at school and it has led me to determine that I should never be a teacher. He began to ask questions about words and letters…
Mom, what letter does bubble start with?
Mom, what letter does fire truck start with?
Mom, what letter does car start with?

I could handle those three, but then it started getting more difficult.
Mom, what letter does eye start with? Eye starts with E. That’s simple enough. But to him, doesn’t it sound like I just said, “I starts with E”

That’s when I got overwhelmed thinking of all the things in life that he still has to learn. Just think about how silly the English language is…
“You starts with Y…(U starts with Y)
“Are starts with A…(R starts with A)
Oh my! How confusing! I’ll just stick with Finance. Could someone remind me of that around the summer time, when my mom is on her long break.

Betcha Didn’t Know #27 - A child predator worked in the Finance Department of my company until Dateline NBC: To Catch a Predator, Dallas Edition caught him. I am happy to report, I did not know him. Check out to find out how many crazy people live by you. Yuck!

Betcha Didn’t Know #28 - I am using #27 above to prove the fact that we need an outdoor play set from Costco. You follow the logic right….life is not how it used to be…there are sickos out there…we can’t let our kids play in the front yard….they have to play in the backyard…we need a play set…simple conclusion, if you ask me.

Betcha Didn’t Know #29 – One of my biggest pet peeves is the price differential at McDonalds. Most probably don’t catch it, but the accountant in me does the math every time. What I mean is the upcharge for the “value meal”. For example, you can get a BigMac for $2.22 or a BigMac value meal for $4.29. The implied cost of the Diet Coke and Fries is $2.07.
In another example, you can buy two cheese burgers for $0.99 each or the two cheeseburger value meal for $3.59. The implied cost of the Diet Coke and Fries in this case is $1.61. Jeff and I each have our own hypothesis about this, but we’ll refrain from sharing until after we do more analysis. Does this bother anyone else, or DOES THIS MAKE ME CRAZY? While we are on the subject of McDonalds…Jeff asked the cashier the other day for a refill on his coffee. “Can you fill it up about three-quarters of the way”, he said. It still makes me laugh to think he actually thought the McDonalds cashier would know how to do math…fractions at that.

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